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Stacking of MODUL-R jacksProducts

Higher jacks...

By stacking MODUL-R jacks, with shearing and bolting, it is also possible to raise a 1,5 m x 1,5 m (5'x5') tower to more than 9 m (30') high. This tower could support a 40 000 lb. load.

A fully opened 5 m jack, assembled with a 1 m extension, allows to reach 6 m (19'-6") high without any loss of strength.




Beams and panelsBeams and panels can be disassembled without having to remove the MODUL-R jacks; the re-shoring of the slab is already in place without any additional labour cost.

Beams and panels disassembled are then available for the next floor.


MODUL-R assembly in formwork position
MODUL-R assembly
in formwork position
MODUL-R assembly in disassembly position
MODUL-R assembly
in disassembly position

After concrete pouring, hitting the security notch of drop heads with a hammer lowers panels and beams, allowing to take them off easily.


For more details, consult the 3D Details section.

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