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MODUL-R Advantages

The european inspired MODUL-R system was especially adapted to north-american conditions and market. Allunique offers remarkably efficient products thanks to research and development efforts of its team towards our particular situations.

MODUL-R System

  1. PVC closing section
  2. Slab panel
  3. Toothed beam
  4. Drop head
  5. Bracing trestle
  6. Aluminium jack


Measuring tape

The MODUL-R system means:

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Savings in materials
  • Reuse of equipment
  • Less waste due to formwork
  • Lightweight, safe and sturdy
  • High capacity jack
  • Stack jacks without losing strength
  • Hasty formwork dismantling without slab deflection




We scaffold the future with our
aluminium products of superior quality.